Quilt Show

“Quilting – 200+ Years in Hawaii”

Quilt Show 2020



“Victorian Nostalgia”

Quilt Show 2019 (May 17-24) 

Description:  Quilt displays of the Hawaii Quilt Guild members and featuring the works of quilt artist Joan Masaki

at Neal Blaisdell Center  Exhibition Hall, Hawaii Suites 10, 11, 12 

777 Ward Ave, Honolulu  

Times:  10 am to 6 pm

Admission:  Free

Chairs:  Donna Kanealii & Donna Eng

Opportunity Quilt:  Kay Anguay, Linda Chang, Ruth Davis, Linda Dayag, Melede Gerwig, Camille Kanemori, and Ronda Kent

  Quilt show Chairs and the Opportunity Quilt






  View’s Choice



Quilt Show 2018 (May 10-20) 

at Honolulu Museum of Art School  (1111 Victoria Street )

Chairs:  Tahmi Brodhead & Mary Cesar

Featured Artist:  Barbara Alama

Opportunity Quilt:  pieced by Morgan Johnson and quilted by Kyong Anguay


  Opening Reception

Opportunity Quilt by Morgan Johnson and Quilted by Kyong Anguay

 Barbara Alama   Featured Artist


 Challenge quilts



“Aloha is…”

2017 HQG Quilt Show (May 4-14)

(photos by Estelle Inn)

Chairs:  Tahmi Brodhead and Mary Cesar

Featured Artist:  Melede Gerwig

Opportunity Quilt designer and quilter:  Barbara Alama

Reception Mistress of ceremonies:  Patricia Lei Murray and Food Host:  Kris Huntsman


Challenge Quilts

The Quilts by HQG Members and Floral Arrangement by Doris Tando


 Quilt Show 2017 “Aloha Is…” Winners

 Red and White Challenge:  Ruth Davis

 Viewers’ Choice:   Small:  Estelle Inn;  Medium:  Sharon Wilhelmy; Large: Ric Stark;  Other: Franny Oliver, Barbara Mathews, Liliko Sakima, Marilyn Smith, Kanani Repunn, Patricia Lei Murray

“Best in Show” (voted upon by Guild members):    Ric Stark (hand quilted);                      Caroline Ellermann (machine quilted)


May 5-15, 2016

The Exhibition was just breathtaking.  Thank you all for sharing your beautiful quilts.  Thank you to Linda Chang and Estelle Inn for taking all these wonderful pictures.

How the pictures are grouped:  General pictures first, then individual quilt pictures (wall card first), and finally pictures of the Nano Gallery Exhibit.

2a 2b2c 2b 3a 24 23b 23a 23 22 20a 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 9 8 7 6 5 4

Individual Quilts (somewhat sorted by first name)

arlene 5aarlene 5b arlene 4aarlene 4b arlene 3aarlene 3b arlene 1a ailene 50b arlene 1bailene 50aailene 50b aileen 49a aileen 18b ailene 49bAileen 18aaileen 18barlene 2aarlene 2b

Barbara 14a Barbara 14bbetty 79abetty 79b becky 77a Barbara 14bbecky 77cbetty 80bBetty 81ABetty 81Bbetty 80betty 82b

betty 83abetty 83bcarla 84acarla 84b betty 83bcarla 86Acarla 86bcarla 85acarla 85b

caroline 33acaroline 33c chang 1achang 1b

chang 52a chang 52bchang 17achang 17b

dayag 28a dayag 28cdayag 1adayag 1b dayag 28aDayag 31ADayag 31bdayag 29bdayag 29adayag 29b

donna 55adonna 55b dayag 32adayag 32b

dorothy 71a dorothy 71bdoris 92adoris 92b

Estelle 47aestelle 47beng 34a eng 34b

gloria 36agloria 36b hughes 1ahughes 1b

kay 6akay 6b joan 56ajoan 56b

Kris 46AKris 46bkay 7a kay 77c

Lily 51alily 51blily 52a lily 52b

lily 54alily 54b Lily 53Alily 53c

Lorraine 6aLorraine 6bLorraine 50alorraine 50b

Lorraine 95ALorraine 95B lorraine 96alorraine 96b

lynn 43alynn 43blorraine 97alorraine thin

marilyn 78amarilyn 78bmargaret 57a margaret 57b

Mary 35a mary 35bmasaki 1amasaki 1bmaryann 48amaryann 43bmelede 1amelede 1b

melede 38a melede 38bmelede 39amelede 39b

Mizuno 59AMizuno 59Bmizuno 60amizuno 60b

mizuno 62amizuno 62b Mizuno 61AMizuno 61b

mizuno 63amizuno 63bmona 8amona 8b

owens 68aowens 68c owens 1aowens 1c

Owens 70AOwens 70B owens 69aowens 69b

ruth 98aruth 98bpatricia 64a patricia 64b

shir 89a shir 89bsharon asharon b

Susan 40asusan 40bshirfeir 1a shirfeir 1c

susan 42a susan 42bSusan 41Asusan 41c

tahmi 1atahmi 1btahmi 9a tahmi 9c

tahmi 11a tahmi 11btahmi 10atahmi 10b

tahmi 12atahmi 12b vonda 1avonda 1c

vonda 72avonda 72b vonda 73avonda 73b

Vonda 76AVonda 76cvonda 75a vonda 75b

yoshi 1ayoshi 1cWilma 66a wilma 66c

yoshi 20ayoshi 19b yoshi 19ayoshi 20b

Yoshi 22AYoshi 22B Yoshi 21aYoshi 21B

yoshi 26ayoshi 26bYoshi 24AYoshi 24B

yoshi 39ayoshi 39byoshi 27ayoshi 27byz Charlotte

“Alaska Cruising” By Charlotte Szarmes

We went on a cruise to Alaska in 2013; it was a wonderful trip. (Design & Quilted by: Self. Techniques used: MP, MQ)


“Lilac Spring” By Doris Tando

The quilt was created by using factory scraps with an easy block pattern. The machine embroidered  butterfly, sewn by Aileen Kamakura, was added to the quilt for highlight. (Design by: Disappearing 9-Patch.  Quilted by: Susan Haushalter. Techniques used: MP, MQ, MEm)

Nano Gallery Exhibit by Doris Tando and Shirfeir Sunada

z nano 1aZ nano 1z nano 1d

z nano 3 z nano 2


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