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Nā Lima Aloha was established in July 2004 as a community service to support various organizations and agencies throughout Oahu and to support relief operations in other areas as well. Through the donations of smaller-sized quilts, we share our aloha with displaced, needy, or critically ill children and adults. Organizations we have contributed to in the past include various senior citizen convalescent homes, the Veterans Administration Center for the Aging, hospitals, abuse shelters, and foster care facilities. In the past year we have donated over 300 items throughout the island. Fabric donations are always welcome, so please contact our Arlene Adams or Linda Dayag if you’d like to contribute!

Latest news….

I picked up 6 quilts and 2 pillowcases from Ellen Huntley (much of the fabric donated by Linda Chang) last week. She is still spending “quality time” with her sewing machine! Ellen Owens dropped off 7 quilts and 25
pillowcases at Ellen H’s to make it easier for me to collect them. Sandy Choy finished 12 pillowcases, 3 quilts and 4 kihei pili, and I “exchanged” her finished quilts and pillowcases with somekits and charm squares to keep her busy! Joan Masaki donated a bag of Christmas and juvenile print fabric for pillowcases for the Children’s Justice Center. All the small draw string bags listed below were made by Sandy Choy. They can be used to hold all the little “treasures” children, and even adults, collect. Linda Dayag continued to make masks for various organizations; she received a
letter from the CEO of Leahi Hospital. He said that he smiles every time he
walks around and sees all the colorful masks that the residents are wearing.

During August/September, Linda made the following deliveries:
Leahi Hospital – 26 quilts, 8 lap blankets, 1 kihei pili and 50 small drawstring bags
Shriner’s Hospital – 16 quilts, 8 pillowcases, 22 small drawstring bags
U.S.Vets – 2 quilts
Children’s Justice Center – 35 quilts, 57 pillowcases, 9 kihei pili.
Questions? Linda Dayag or Arlene Adams


Previous news.

7/1/19-6/30/20 Na Lima Report on Distribution of Quilts and Other Items

Children’s Justice Center – 65 quilts, 258 pillowcases, 34 bears
Family Promise – 6 quilts w/pillowcases
Fisher House – 26 quilts w/ pillowcases
Habitat for Humanity – 9 quilts w/pillowcases
USVETS – 9 quilts
IHS – 30 backpacks, 8 bags
Kakaako Family Shelter – 13 quilts w/pillowcases
Leahi Hospital – 49 quilts, 23 pillowcases
Mary Jane Home – 6 quilts, 8 kihei pili
Shriner’s Hospital – 39 quilts, 70 pillowcases, 10 bears, 102 small pillows
TOTAL – 213 quilts, 405 pillowcases
Thank you to all who contributed quilts, pillowcases and other items.

Margaret Teruya continues making quilts for Na Lima to fill up her time! She brought 8 quilts and Carla Simao added 2 toddler quilts to the count. Jeannie Salmon also continues quilting Na Lima quilts on her Handi Quilter and finished 8 quilts. We are starting to collect pillowcases for CJS for Christmas. Christmas theme or children prints are welcome. Contact Linda for drop off.
Questions? Linda Dayag or
Arlene Adams


The Na Lima table was groaning under piles of goodies. We had to squeeze everything into the truck for the drive home: 15 quilts from Kapahulu, 5 from Margaret Teruya, 3 from Lily Kamikihara along with 30 backpack bags, 13 quilts from Windward, 11 Christmas pillowcases, 22 other pillowcases, and 34 bears from Nita.
Remember Christmas pillowcases are needed for the children at Children’s Justice Center and Shriner’s Hospital. Dig through your stash and pull out some fabric (Christmas or children) and make a child smile this year. We have a lot of pillowcase kits available at the Na Lima table each month.  Please be sure to sign them back in when you have completed them.

Linda made the following deliveries this month:
Shriner’s Hospital – 9 quilts, 10 bears, 31 small pillows, 20 pillowcases
Children’s Justice Center – 9 quilts, 20 pillowcases, 14 bears
Leahi Hospital – 14 quilts
U. S. Vets – 9 quilts

Rose Craven volunteered to organize a Na Lima group on the west side (Ewa, Kapolei, Mililani, etc.). If you are interested in being a part of this group making quilts, pillowcases and other items for the various organizations we help, please email me. We hope to get organized with a time and place during the fall. Thank you!

During the past year Na Lima donated the following:
222 quilts, 269 pillowcases, 30 small pillows, 2 backpacks, 12 kihei pili, 20 wall-hangings, 100 bears, 20 children’s books. We made deliveries to the following organizations:
Children’s Justice Center, Shriner’s Hospital, Ann Pearl Care home, Family Promise, Leahi Hospital, Fisher House, Mary Jane Home, Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, U.S. Vets, IHS (women and children),
Kahaluu Homeless Shelter, Kakaako Family Shelter.

Past news

                                                            Na Lima News

The May meeting saw 3 quilts and 3 pillowcases from Hawaii Kai Na Lima, 2 baby quilts from Ellen Huntley and a Vet quilt from Terri Brown.  Pillowcase kits will continue to be available at the table over the summer months for those who would like to sew them.  Please be sure to sign them back in when you have completed them.

Linda made two quilt deliveries recently:

March:  Fisher House 12, Shriners 13, Vets 13, Children’s Justice Center 18 plus 7 bears.

May:  Shriner’s  9, Leahi Hospital 14, Children’s Justice Center  9  plus 9 pillowcases.

Remember our ongoing request to make a quilt for U.S. Vets!   We received a very nice thank you card from the Children’s Justice Center.

Questions:   Thank you.  Arlene Adams

As you can see by the picture of the back of my SUV, A LOT of things were left on the Na Lima table last month:  72 pillowcases, 37 quilts, 17 bears, 2 Christmas stockings.  Many thanks to the Bannon family (Sandy, Vicki and Jim) for the 20 quilts pieced by Vicki and quilted by Jim; Ellen Huntley for 5 quilts, Margaret Teruya for 10 pillowcases tied up in a pretty bow and Sue Jennings for 37 pillowcases.  Nita Jandayan, aka the Bear Lady, along with the help of Kay Mizushima, continues to focus on making bears for na keiki in the various programs we support and dropped off 17 sweet bears. In addition to all the donated items listed above, Susan Haushalter delivered 10 pillowcases to me, and Mona Bonbright sent 11 more from California.  Linda Dayag made 24 quilts, 39 pillowcases and 12 kihei pili!

Next month Linda will have a report on all the deliveries she made to the various organizations we support.  Mahalo to everyone for supporting Na Lima!!

Questions:        Thank you.  Arlene Adams

At the end of August, the Guild received an invitation from U.S. Vets to attend a luncheon at the Willows Restaurant.  Linda Dayag was away on a trip, so I asked Ellen Owens to accompany me.  It was a lovely luncheon accompanied by wonderful Hawaiian music.  After the lunch, a veteran who received help spoke about the assistance he received from U.S. Vets.  His talk was followed by awards presented to various groups.  Much to our surprise, the Guild was the recipient of one of the awards.  We received the Kako’o Nui award given to a community group that has supported U.S. Vets.  Attached you can see the award, a koa paddle.  Patricia Lei Murray explained the significance of the paddle: we are all in the canoe, each of us with a paddle to help.  We will continue to donate quilts to the Vets as part of our ongoing community involvement.  Please think about making another quilt for a veteran.

I have included some background about U.S. Vets; for further information about their programs, go to

“U.S. Vets is a nationwide program that offers special needs programs providing services to the specific issues facing veteran populations, such as single mothers with children, non-custodial fathers, the chronically mentally ill and troops returning home.  All of the programs are the result of collaborative efforts with community providers, VA medical centers and local government agencies.  Funding for these programs provides permanent and long-term transitional housing, residential employment services, case management, substance abuse treatment and outreach to homeless veterans.

To date, we have served more that forty thousand homeless veterans.  We are proud that 65 percent of veterans who receive services from U.S. Vets successfully transition to permanent housing and thereby achieve self-sufficiency.”

We are still collecting quilts and pillowcases for children and teenagers at IHS and Christmas-themed pillowcases for CJC (Children’s Justice Center).

Thank you.  Arlene Adams

  Wow!! What a month we had.  Linda Dayag informed Windward Na Lima that we would like to send quilts to the Big Island to help those who have lost their homes to the ongoing Kilauea eruption.

Without further ado, quilts were finished and together with the ones Linda had already at home, we sent 27 quilts and 20 bears to the Big Island via Lorna Festa.  Lorna is a new member; she doesn’t attend the guild meetings but is an active quilter in our Windward Na Lima group.  She goes to the Big Island at least once a month to visit family in Volcano and offered to take the quilts when she went in early June.  You can see her on the right in the picture when she made her delivery to Kilauea Creations store.  They were very happy to accept our quilts/bears.  As you may have seen on the news, there is a “small village” being erected in Pahoa on Sacred Hearts Church land for many of those displaced by the lava.  All items delivered by Lorna will be delivered to those who have been relocated to Pahoa.

Ellen Huntley put out an “email blast” via the Internet that Linda was collecting more quilts to be sent in July.  Quilters responded in a BIG way!  At our potluck/auction we were overwhelmed by 75 quilts, 24 bears, 1 kihei pili, 3 backpacks, and 25 pillowcases.  All will be delivered over the summer by Lorna as she makes her monthly visits to her family.  Many, many thanks to all the quilters who jumped in and reacted in their usual big way.  The Hawaii Quilt Guild is filled with so many wonderful quilters who always respond to any request from Na Lima.  May you all be showered with many blessings for your generous response.

****REMNDER!!  Projects for Christmas.  We would like to make quilts for children to  donate to Institute of Human Services (IHS) in December.  We are looking for quilts from 40-inch square for small children up to 60 by 72 inches for young teenagers.  We will be accepting finished quilts at the July meeting up until the November meeting. They can be any theme (children, Hawaiian , etc.).  Also, we will continue with Christmas-theme pillowcases for CJC (Children’s Justice Center).  We want to them give 100 pillowcases this year.

Questions can be sent to                                  ~~Thank you.  Arlene Adams


Na Lima had an outstanding year.  Linda kept records of the number of items we donated and where she delivered them to.  We supported the following organizations:  Children’s Justice Center, Shriner’s Hospital, Fisher House at Tripler Hospital, U.S. Veterans Center at Kalaeloa, Ronald McDonald House, Leahi Nursing Facility and Ann Pearl Care Home.

We delivered 374 quilts, 467 pillowcases, 51 small pillows, 1 walker bag, 1 bib, and 10 bears.

Thank you to all our Na Lima groups (Ewa, Hawaii Kai, Kapahulu and Windward) who gather monthly to cut, sew, quilt, and bind.  Also, a big mahalo to Guild members who took home quilt and pillowcase kits, and those who made all the quilts we delivered to Kalaeloa.

Our Na Lima table will have lots of quilt kits and pillowcase kits to sign out and work on at home.  We are looking ahead to having at least 100 Christmas pillowcases (Christmas fabric preferred) for the Children’s Justice Center.

Questions about Na Lima can be sent to

~Thank you.  Arlene Adams

The Ronald McDonald House in Manoa just received 14 freshly finished quilts from our Na Lima Aloha, thanks to Arlene Adams and Linda Dayag. I approached their director some months ago to see if they could use some quilts at their respite home for the children, and they were over joyed. Our Na Lima ladies were finishing up quilts for veterans and shelters and were kind enough to set aside these quilts.  I received them after our last guild meeting, and I delivered them the very next day. They were so grateful and send their deepest Aloha for thinking of them.  Mahalo to the many loving hands that made these quilts.

What we do for Love… Patricia Lei Murray

2015-2016 Report from Arlene Adams (Na Lima Aloha Chairperson)

  • Quilts 253 (44 to Vets)
  • Kihei Pili’s 12
  • Pillowcases 350 (100 to Children’s Justice Center)
  • Walker Bags 15
  • Small pillows – 100 (Shriner’s Hospital)
  • Total Items: 730

Windward Na Lima Aloha. Second Thursday at Hoomaluhia Park Center from 9 – 2 pm. POC:  Linda Dayag or Arlene Adams.

Hawaii Kai Na Lima Aloha.   Once a month on Thursday.  POC:  Ellen Owens.

Kaimuki/Kapahulu Na Lima Aloha.  Changed to 2nd Thursday of the month at Kilauea Rec Center (4109 Kilauea Ave) from 12-3 pm.  POC:  Barbara Alama

Ewa Beach Na Lima Aloha.  POC:  Susan Haushalter.

Click here for Nā Lima Aloha guidelines, information on how you can contribute, and more. For area coordinator contact information, contact our Nā Lima Aloha Coordinator here.

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