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Nā Lima Aloha was established in July 2004 as a community service to support various organizations and agencies throughout Oahu and to support relief operations in other areas as well. Through the donations of smaller-sized quilts, we share our aloha with displaced, needy, or critically ill children and adults. Organizations we have contributed to in the past include various senior citizen convalescent homes, the Veterans Administration Center for the Aging, hospitals, abuse shelters, and foster care facilities. In the past year we have donated over 300 items throughout the island. Fabric donations are always welcome, so please contact our Arlene Adams or Linda Dayag if you’d like to contribute!

Latest news….

National Quilt Day – A big thank you to all guild members who came out (and others behind the scene) on Saturday, March 23rd to sew in recognition of National Quilt Day (actually March 16th). There were 20 members cutting, sewing, ironing, and also aiding those who needed guidance making pillow cases, skirts and quilt tops. Oh, and I should add, the socializing too! Tina P, Colleen Z, Margaret M, Arlene A, Linda D, Carla S, Rose C, Ann T, Estelle I, Anette I, Donna K, Irene S, Terri B, Aloma W, Debby G, Ellen H, Karen F, Joedy H, Blanche R, Shannel W, Margaret T.

What a beautiful, fun and productive day we had complete with a great lunch to keep us stitching along! We dined on sandwiches with pasta salad, quinoa salad, fruit, chips, brownies & chocolate chip cookies! Thank you to those who brought kits, extra food, irons, boards, mats, rulers and rotary cutters, and to all for setting up and cleaning up the social hall. All was in order when we left.
We are happy to share our production tally for the day!
We hope to make this an annual event. Perhaps you will join in next year!
~~Margaret Manangan and Terri Brown

Na Lima Aloha – Apri; 2024 – We received the following during March: Ellen Huntley – 8 baby quilts; Jeannie Salmon 4 quilts and quilted 4 Na Lima quilts; Ann Tom – 1 quilt; Ruth Davis – quilted 3 Na Lima quilts; Mary Ann Jones – 1 quilt; Sandy Choy – machine binding on 26 Na Lima quilts; Lily Kamikihara – machine binding on 2 Na Lima quilts; Blanche Richards – 6 pillowcases; Tahmi Brodhead – 2 quilt tops.

Linda made the following deliveries: Children’s Justice Center – 11quilts w/ pillowcases; Shriner’s Hospital –  9 quilts w/pillowcases, 157 small pillows; Leahi Hospital – 7 quilts, 3 fleece blankets, 3 kihei pili; Straub Hospital – 9 quilts; Kapiolani Hospital – 6 quilts w/burp cloths. Keep making all those beautiful pillowcases (children, Christmas, Hawaiian).

Any questions, please contact Linda Dayag – or Arlene Adams – Thank you.


Shoebox Project

April 2024 – Stacks of skirts, scads of quilted hearts, sixteen shorts, and a school of stuffed fishies, were collected at the March meeting. They were delivered along with a yarn, empty spools, pencils, notepads, cards, and an assortment of pill containers. Thank you all.  Quilts Show projects will be finished before the April meeting, so it will be an excellent time to pick up a few kits for quick, easy Shoebox projects. Your help will be appreciated. A message from Marilyn, “All of you folks have been such a source of
encouragement to me. God bless each of you abundantly.”

Be mindful that donations need to be clean, usable, and ready for the volunteers to select as they pack each child’s gift box. To learn more about the Shoebox Project and see an extensive list of requested donations:


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