Aloha !

Ho’omoe Wai Kahi Ke Kao’o
Let Us Travel Together Like Water Flowing in One Direction

Welcome to the on-line home of The Hawaii Quilt Guild.  As our Hawaiian name, Na Po`e Humukuiki o Hawai`i, suggests, we are literally “the quilting people of Hawaii”.  We are happy that you have found our website and we welcome you.  E komo mai.  

 Founded in 1984, The Hawaii Quilt Guild has the purpose of preserving the traditions, culture and history of quilting, and promoting the knowledge and understanding of the art of quilting through continuing education services for members and with public education activities.

As a hui (club) of some 130 members, collectively we are “all about quilting”.  Whether you are new and just interested in learning about quilting; whether you have recently made home in Hawaii and are looking for a quilting connection; or whether you are kamaaina, already quilting and seeking opportunities to network and to learn— Hawaii Quilt Guild can be your resource and connection.  Perhaps you have never quilted but have recently “inherited” an unfinished Hawaiian quilt from tutu.  And now you’re wondering, “What do we do with this!”  Come join us and we will teach you. 

We meet formally once a month.  We share our projects through Show-and-Tell.  We enjoy guest speakers (local and visitors), who offer smaller classes.  We meet in smaller neighborhood bees.  We share in potlucks for special occasions.  Arguably our celebrated event is our annual Hawaii Quilt Guild Quilt Show, which will be held in May 2020 at Honolulu Museum of Art.  We welcome visitors.  We welcome new members!


Ric Stark

President,   Hawaii Quilt Guild


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