Hawaii Woman Expo

Hawaii Quilt Guild annually participates in the Hawai’i Woman Expo at the Neal Blaisdell Center in early September.  Many thanks to Pat Shine (Sunshine Productions, Inc) and Rasa (US Sewing and Vacuum) for enabling us to display our wonderful quilts.  Below are pictures taken by HQG member Estelle Inn.





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HQG Quilt,  two Na Lima Aloha Vet Challenge quilts

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Quilts by Lois Schretenthaler, Lynn Hiyakumoto, Joanne How, and Ellen Owens

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Quilts by Lily Kamikihara, Sandra Chin, Donna Kanealii, and Lynn Hiyakumoto

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Visitors and Quilts (3rd photo) by Lorraine Tokuyama,, MaryAnn Jones, Lily Kamikihara, Sandra Chin, and Sally Little (click on 3rd photo to see full display)

p1250449-640x406 p1250452-640x429 p1250455-556x640

Quilts by Estelle Inn, MaryAnn Jones, and Susan Haushalter (click on 1st photo to see full display), Margaret Manangan, Lorraine Tokuyama

p1250456-600x640 p1250457-640x480p1250444-640x480

Quilts by Arlene Adams, Lynn Hiyakumoto, and Donna Eng

p1250443-639x640 p1250442-640x604p1250435-640x480

Quilts by Lois Schretenthaler, Kay Anguay, Jeannie Salmon, and Ellen Owens

p1250433-480x640 p1250454-640x574

Quilts by Arlene Adams and Estelle Inn